A futuristic-looking hallway, stretching out into the distance.

The more astute visitors to the website will have noticed several changes, and naturally several more are on the way. We're picking things back up, and part of that is an attempt to bring the website back up to date with all our various content outlets and whatnot.

As part of this, we now have a Discord server! The invite link is at the bottom of every page in the site map, but you can also join here! In addition to our newsletter (which will also be picking up again soon), we'll be making announcements about our future game releases on the Discord server as well. Come on by, meet like-minded individuals, and chat about games—or whatever else tickles your fancy! (We're only just starting this, so if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them!)

With all this new activity, we do indeed have a new game announcement on the way. Once we get to a good point, we'll share more about it. Look forward to it!