A tulip sprouting from the ground in the foreground, in front of a crocus.

"And from the ashes of the dawn, I arise"


The last few years have been turbulent, to say the least. Unfortunately, CORAX studios fell by the wayside during this time, as I struggled to keep myself afloat.

With 2023 settling in, I'm about done with my Master of Science in Physics, Concentration in Instrumentation, and am applying for official acceptance into animation school at NMSU, where I've been working toward the status to apply for over a year. (Look for more of that material from me in the future, too!) My student status there has allowed me to join a business accelerator program, so CORAX studios is coming back!

I've got a new game concept I'll be developing over the next few months, hoping for a late-2023 release. Keep an eye out for news as it develops!