2019 has been a breakneck year for "us" (read: me) at CORAX studios, as the first year of any startup company should be. We officially organized as a Limited Liability Company through the state of New Mexico. We attained new logos, both for the company and our first-announced offering, Werewolf Spy. What I haven't shared here is, Werewolf Spy has officially been allowed as our Trademark within the United States. With this, a timeline emerges for the coming year: We hope to have at least a Kickstarter backing campaign for Werewolf Spy by the end of June 2020. As a result, feelers have been sent out for freelance 3D artists to assist in making our dream become reality. (And hey, if you know any who might be looking for work, send 'em our way! We also wouldn't mind finding some 2D / 3D animators.) We've also reached out to a number of illustrators to assist us in our vision as well, to produce further marketing materials and possibly related stuff.

Werewolf Spy is not our only concept; however, it will clearly be our first offering in the video game market. We're looking forward to sharing more progress as the year begins, and possibly even more titles to be announced before 2020 is over. Keep an eye out! We don't want any news sneaking by.

In my personal life, I'm one year away from graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics, with minors in Mathematics, and Optical Science and Engineering. I've begun my graduate-level education already, having taken a year-long course in scientific research and communication, wherein I researched a lack of visible hydrogen within certain regions of the galaxy Messier 81, and plan to continue that education in 2021. In the first part of 2020, I'll be writing another research paper on the use and utility of a new instrument being introduced to the optics market, that I'm hoping to get published in the regular proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, or SPIE. (Did you know I'm also an astrophysicist?)

We hope the new year brings you great entertainment and enjoyment, and we hope to be able to provide at least some of that. Cheers!